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Raising adolescents: Registering for participation in a study on FIFO families

A brief summary of our FIFO/DIDO research project

The purpose of this research project is to develop a resource for families, in which one parent is a Fly In/ Fly Out (FIFO) or Drive In/ Drive Out (DIDO) worker to help reduce the potential negative impact of parents’ FIFO/DIDO work patterns on adolescent children by promoting positive parenting strategies to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents of FIFO/DIDO families. The research will investigate the benefits of and barriers to effective parenting of adolescents by parents in FIFO/DIDO families to provide effective strategies and practices, for both parents, to assist the promotion of good mental health and wellbeing of adolescent children as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood within an FIFO/DIDO lifestyle.

This study consists of three phases. Phase one will include telephone interviews with three cohorts of FIFO/DIDO families to identify the benefits and barriers to effective parenting of adolescent children by parents in FIFO/DIDO families. These data will be analysed and resources developed for FIFO/DIDO families in Phase two. The resource will be piloted with FIFO/DIDO families and data concerning its use and satisfaction will be collected and incorporated into the final version of the resource for FIFO/DIDO families with adolescent children in Phase three. This project represents the first of its kind to promote mental health to and for this cohort.

What to do if you are interested in participating in this research

If you are interested in taking part in the FIFO/DIDO study and your child or children are between 9-24 years of age, please complete your details below and we will be in contact with you later this year as we commence our data collection. If you would like further information about this study, please email us on

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